Towards a standardized financial modelling methodology…

The FAST approach will change the face of financial modelling in Africa.

Why and how to take the FAST Standard Financial Modelling Certification Test.

We all have products or services that we believe improve our lives and therefore go to great lengths to pitch or force them down the throats of those unfortunate enough to be in our lives. What is essential however in becoming a great marketer is that you have to believe in the product or services you are pushing.

This same principle applies with InVhestia’s financial modelling methodology used in its work and its trainings, the FAST (Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent) – approach. InVhestia is about to embark on FAST Standard marketing campaign not merely for sales and profits purposes but because we believe this financial modelling approach will change the face of financial modelling not just in Kenya or East Africa but in Africa.

Bold statement? We can back up our claims.

What is FAST?

FAST is an international recognized methodology in financial modelling used by major firms worldwide in their modelling assignments. You can read more on it and the firms that have signed on to it by clicking here. InVhestia boasts of being the first and only firm in Africa to offer this financial product.

David Ndungu, Senior Associate, studying hard.
David Ndungu, Senior Associate, studying hard.

The InVhestia team uses the FAST Standard to financial modelling for all its assignments and has chosen to sit the exam to ensure that as it embarks on the marketing campaign it will be preaching and drinking the same wine its offering! The FAST test aims to certify the modeller’s understanding and ability to build models the FAST way. This means that any client seeking InVhestia’s financial modeling services can be confident that the model will be as per international standards and quite like nothing in the current market.

The preparation

Each new week at Invhestia begins with an 8am meeting and on Tuesday the 3rd of May, 2016, the staff at InVhestia agreed to take the FAST Standard test at the end of the week. As someone said, ‘We can’t push a product that we know nothing about.’ Having previously undergone the FAST training, it was agreed that each staff member create a financial model based on a FAST Standard case study to be review by their peers in a day’s time.

Reviewing the models was both entertaining and enlightening as each person got extremely honest reviews of their work. As they say, iron sharpens iron and as the test day approached, confidence was high- for the most part!

Test day

The FAST Standard test is taken online individually and is broken down into two: a multiple choice where you answer 25 questions in 30 minutes and a modeling exercise that runs for one and a half hours.  One can use their FAST Standard manual but referring to this resource takes more time than having the information at your fingertips. Just a pointer in case you, dear reader, decide to do the test.

Stephen Gugu, Principal and 'that guy'.
Stephen Gugu, Principal and ‘that guy’.

As in any test context we have the zealous student that causes the rest to question their dedication to the subject. Stephen Gugu, the Principal at InVhestia, completed the multiple choice section while his colleagues were still discussing possible areas they’d be tested on.

Pause and think of such a person in your office. Once their name comes to mind, please do send them a link to this blog post.

Moving on, the Invhestia team finished the test and again, as in any classroom context, the team talked about various questions and how they went about modeling. Faces sunk and shone but only time will tell how they did.


After note: The whole team is now FAST Certified. But do we say…


Interested to learn more about FAST financial modelling, click here.

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