FAST Level 1 Certification

InVhestia is currently the only accredited trainer and sponsoring body for test takers for the FAST Standard examination in Africa.

InVhestia offers FAST Level 1 Certification, evidence to employers and clients that one is competent in building financial models the FAST way.

What are the requirements to sit the FAST exam?

  • GBP 180* (KES 22,000 inclusive of VAT) – What does this get you?
    • The FAST Standard Level 1 test (one sitting only, no re-takes)
    • Our team to help you process the fee to the FAST Standard Organization
    • Two sample FAST Standard test questions complete with recommended solutions
    • 30 – 45 minutes session with one member of our FAST certified team to help you prepare
    • The free online introductory course to financial modelling to help you brush up on FAST

Why us?

Apart from our years of experience in building financial models and training participants using the FAST Standard methodology, we are currently the only accredited trainer and sponsoring body in Africa for test takers of the FAST Standard examination.

‘I’m convinced, what do I do now?’

  • Click on this link to register for the FAST exam. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours with the next steps.

In the meantime, you can read about our team’s experience on our blog.


Note: Holders of the FAST Standard certificate are eligible for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points with various professional organizations in the accounting field.


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