Project Finance Online Financial Modelling Course

InVhestia’s online financial modelling training offering has grown over time, catering for the needs of those who are unable to attend in class courses due to distance, costs or preference. InVhestia is happy to announce the addition of a new course, the Project Finance financial modelling course based on a real estate case study. InVhestia already has an introductory course to financial modelling, and a corporate finance and valuation course. The project finance course provides comprehensive coverage and a step-to-step guide towards understanding and evaluating a project with the added benefit of doing this from the comfort of your office or living room, at your own pace.

The course is hosted on the InVhestia online platform and is taught using instructional videos. Once you subscribe, you will access the course materials and handouts which have been organized in a modular manner. This means you can choose to start the course from the beginning or tackle specific items based on where you feel your challenges are. The only pre-requisite is a fair knowledge of MS Excel to enhance the quality of your experience.  If, however this is a challenge you can get started with the introduction for financial modelling course using FAST to bring you up to speed. The course is taught using the internationally recognized FAST Standard approach to financial modelling ensuring that upon completion any models you prepare can be used internationally and that they are Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent. Another key advantage of the FAST standard is that you can choose to sit the certification which sets you apart from other modellers and is a good indicator of your level of skill to employers and clients.

The aim of this course is to equip learners with the skills to make forecasts and evaluate projects with no historical information. This means that by the end of the course you should be able to create models for greenfield projects in various sectors. Instructed by Stephen Gugu, who has several years of experience in the project finance field and as an instructor, the course starts by defining the broader aspects of project finance. The course approaches modelling based on the three phases of the projects; development, construction and operations. It examines financing of projects, calculation of taxes, key ratios and returns from both the project and the equity basis. Sensitivity and scenario analysis are also covered just like in real world situations where these tend to be more important than the base cases.

It took us 48 hours to shoot the content for this course and more than 200 hours in editing and reviewing to ensure that the user gets the best product possible. The content was examined and reviewed by our team of junior and senior associates for ease of understanding and accuracy. The final product usually makes the work done in the background look easy, trust us it’s not! On one of the shooting days, the instructor powered through a battle with a flu, which explains the deepening voice when dealing with construction finance. Quips aside, we take pride in this course which we designed to pass along model build and audit skills in a way that makes for good retention. We have incorporated a discussion forum on the platform that allows one to engage with InVhestia’s experienced financial modelling team for any issues, and the good news is you are always guaranteed a response within the shortest time possible. Aside from that, a one-time purchase guarantees you a lifetime access which means you can refer, refresh and review the material at any time. If the lifetime access is not for you, paying per month at reduced rates is also part of the menu, reach out to us at to get access to the course in the way that makes most sense to you.

The course is carefully structured with over 10 hours of content presented in 5 – 12 minute videos. The case study covers modules such as project finance timeline, construction costs, construction finance, operating revenue and cost and final exit of the project. The modules make it easy for one to understand the theory behind project finance, building a FAST-compliant project finance model and evaluate various projects using measures as IRR, NPV and ratios. Using other teaching tools, we have made it possible for you to follow the practical modelling and model alongside the instructor.

As an introductory offer, we have extended a 50% discount to anyone who signs up for the course by the end of November 2017. Don’t miss out!! Register for FM102 and use the coupon code F701C2C8C9 to take advantage of this offer.

Watch the Introduction to Project Finance video here