Make Your Every Business Decision a Masterpiece

InVhestia Africa and Esham Park celebrated their recently concluded merger on Thursday 14th March. Attended by clients and partners, the launch event highlighted the enhanced capabilities that the combined entity, going by the name InVhestia Africa will offer.

Esham Park is a project finance advisory and consortiums structuring company which was has been in existence for over 10 years working on various projects and adding value to clients across Africa. Over the last 5 years Esham Park has been working closely with InVhestia on several projects executing them successfully.

At the event, Simon Mwacharo Guyo, the Chief Executive Officer of Craftskills Wind Energy Limited shared his journey with Esham Park. “The Esham Park team took me on as a client 9 years ago and walked with me until my passion project reached financial close in December 2018. This level of dedication is hard to find in consultants” said Mr. Guyo. The project he speaks of is the 100MW Kipeto wind power project which is the second largest wind power project in Kenya. The project will have 67 turbines spread on 17 acres of land that will power 40,000 homes. Mr. Guyo highlighted the support of the local community and indicated that the project would be giving a 5% dividend contribution to the Maasai community. Esham Park marketed the opportunity to potential investors, led investor engagements and negotiations and reviewed term sheets and transaction documents.

InVhestia Africa, on the other hand, is a corporate finance advisory, financial modelling training and capital raising company. It has been in existence over the last 7 years during which time has become an industry leader in the area of financial modelling and advisory work related to it across Africa. InVhestia has worked with clients from various sectors such as Financial services, FMCG, Agribusiness and the Energy sector among others.

Presenting the strategic direction of InVhestia going forward, Stephen Gugu, a principal at the firm emphasized, “Our financial modelling and advisory services will form the quality inputs that will make your every decision yield a masterpiece.” The coming together of the two firms will provide clients with fully integrated financial advisory services. The focus will now be three fold, Project and Corporate Finance Advisory, Financial Modelling and Training, and Capital Raising. The team members have a solid track record with over 12 countries of work experience. Some of the team members were recruited through the firm’s social responsibility initiative, the Invhestia Annual Inter-university Competition. At the event, the top students from last years edition were honored and given an opportunity to network with potential employers and mentors. The awarding was given by Antony Maina from Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) our 2018 competition partner. InVhestia is dedicated to ensuring you have the quality inputs needed to succeed and grow your business and is committed to growing the talent in the financial sector.

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