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Targeted toward corporate finance managers, financial analysts, accountants, and non-finance managers who take part in key business decisions, the FAST Standard is a financial modelling methodology that is flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent.

Unlike other modelling methodologies, the FAST Standard has global backing from international financial giants. InVhestia Africa Limited is the first and only accredited providers in Africa and a signatory under the FAST Standard Organization (FSO).

Our Mission

InVhestia’s mission as a boutique project and corporate finance advisory company is to change the landscape of financial decision-making in ALL sectors across the continent.

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What is FAST Standard?

The FAST Standard, which stands for flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent, was created through the collaborative effort of experienced financial modelling professionals. It is maintained and further developed under the guidance of a moderation board made up of modelling professionals from F1F9, Deloitte, Finance Mechanics and Grant Thornton, among other financial giants. For more, go to http://www.fast-standard.org/ 

FAST Level 1 Certification

The FAST Level 1 Certification is proof that an individual understands the FAST standard and is capable of building models on Excel in a flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent way. InVhestia Africa Limited is Africa’s first and only accredited provider of FAST financial modelling courses and a signatory under the FAST Standard Organization (FSO).


Click on the link to download the sample model : Sample FAST Model_MAT

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