FAST Financial Modelling Trainings

Our financial modeling training turns quality decision-making into an art form for your teams

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We have standard courses based on the FAST standard which address different aspects of financial modelling ideal for corporate finance managers, financial analysts, accountants,and non-finance managers.Holders of the FAST Standard certificate are eligible for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points with various professional organizations in the accounting field. Further they can choose to sit for the FAST Standard Level 1 certification that is evidence to employers and clients that they have competency in building financial models the FAST way.

Customized training

The team at InVhestia is dedicated to make wholesome in-class trainings that fit the needs of the client.

Project finance

We teach how to model project cashflows, IRRs, NPVs, including complex financial structures, DSRA accounts etc. using the FAST Standard.

Corporate finance and Valuation

We teach how to forecast and value a company using the FAST methodology.

Budgeting, Forecasting & Data Analysis

We teach how to prepare forecasts, prepare budgets, set up dashboards, and carry out variance analysis among other skills using the FAST Standard.

Online financial modelling training

Learn to model using the FAST Standard form wherever you may find yourself


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